Little Bears Farm, owned by Paul and Crystal Warford and kids (the three bears, Kylie, Alaina and Jason) is located in the foot hills of the Ozark Mountains in Northeastern Oklahoma.   We raise commercial beef cattle and Texas longhorns.   Paul and Crystal also own P&C Cattle Pens. Paul spends most of his time managing the cattle pen business and managing the commercial side of our farm, while Crystal homeschools the kids and her and the kids manage the longhorns.    With our business, we have been blessed to be able to travel to many different states and meet many wonderful breeders and see some amazing cattle.  Kylie, Alaina and Jason each already have a start to a herd of their own someday.  

    Paul and Crystal were both raised on and around farms and ranches and knew that someday wanted their own place for their kids to experience the farm life.  Ever since our kids were babies, Paul has called them our little bears.  Kylie bear, Alaina bear and Jason bear.  When thinking of a name for our farm (at the time we didn't know we were going to raise longhorns ) it just came naturally, that a farm for our kids should be named for our kids.  So was born the name "Little Bears Farm".  

    Our love for the Texas longhorn cattle started when we had a customer request that we build a working chute for their longhorn cows.   It took us a couple of years after that to be able to buy some unregistered cows and then started our small registered herd.   We absolutely love all of the color and horn variations in the longhorn cattle.   In our herd, we are striving for cattle that have correct conformation, lots of color, and we are very fond of the twisty horns.  Even though we started out with what we thought were really good animals, we continue to learn and perfect our herd as we grow.   Our dream is to have pastures full of sound, colorful, twisty horn cows.

     Most (a select few are not ) of our beautiful animals are for sale at any time.  If you are interested in any, please contact us and let us know.  Due to our limited pasture space for our longhorns, some have been moved to other pastures that currently have beef bulls in them.  This does not mean that we do not still love these cows and believe that they are great animals,  just that we are currently working with others to breed what we want in our herd.  At any time, any of these animals can and will be rotated out depending on what we believe will work best for us at the time.  Any of the animals that are in the beef herd will be noted in the comments on them on their page.  If you are interested in one that is in the beef herd, please note that it will be exposed to a beef bull at time of purchase.  

 Please look around at our cattle and if you have any questions please fee free to contact us.  You can also visit our Facebook page for the latest updates.